Host Print 3235

General Info

The I-O 3235 is an HP LaserJet compatible USB, Compact Flash, or DIMM that provides support for Advanced Function Printing (AFP) using IBM's native Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) and SCS over Ethernet networks, from IBM System i5, iSeries, AS/400 or zSeries-S/390 hosts. 

Print jobs from Windows, Novell, OS/2 or Unix hosts may also be printed with the I-O 3235 installed. Features include the following:

  • Supports Advanced Function Printing (AFP) using native IPDS protocol
  • Supports SCS (on select printers)
  • Compatible with HP Jetdirect enabled printers and HP Web Jetadmin
  • Host controlled printing and page range printing
  • I-O's award winning printer emulations
  • Conversion done by the I-O 3235, frees host resources and increases print speeds
  • Edge-to-edge printing (on select printers)
  • Customized input trays
  • Configuration via front panel or Web page

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Host to LAN Printing

IPDS and SCS host printing and standard network printing can be accomplished in an Ethernet environment, eliminating the expense of a dedicated host AFP/IPDS or SCS printer.

Edge-to-Edge Printing

Host documents which require edge-to-edge printing, can be printed on select HP LaserJet printers.

Off Loading of Data Conversion

Increased speed is a result of converting EBCDIC data at the printer rather than at the host or PC.

Page Offset Functions

Flexible page positioning is provided without modifying the applications.

Configured Through Browser

Easy remote configuration is available through the printer's Web interface on select HP printers.


Supported IBM IPDS Printer Emulations:

  • 4028 AS1
  • 3812-2
  • 3816-1D/S
  • Includes 4312/17 font support

SCS Emulations (3235-052/062 only):

  • IBM 3812-1

AFP/IPDS Towers:

  • Supports all towers

System Requirements:

  • System i5, iSeries, or AS/400
  • OS/400 Release 3.1 or higher
  • PSF/400

zSeries or S/390 Mainframes

  • z/OS, OS/390 or MVS
  • PSF/MVS Version 2.2.0 with APR OW15599
  • MVS Scheduler with APRA 0212236
  • TCP/IP Version 3 Release 1 or higher

Supported Printers:

  • I-O 3235-052 Flash (includes SCS)
    • HP Color LaserJet 4650, 4700 and 5550 printers
    • HP LaserJet 2410, 2420, 2430, 4250, 4350, 5200, 9040, and 9050 printers
    • HP Multifunction LaserJet 4345mfp, 4730mfp, M4730, 9040mfp, 9050mfp, and 9500mfp printers 
  • I-O 3235-062 USB (includes SCS)
    • HP Color LaserJet 3000 and 3800 printers, CP3505, CP6015, CM6030 MFP, CM6040 MFP
    • HP LaserJet P3005, P3015, P4014, P4015, P4515, M3035mfp, M4345mfp, and M5035mfp printers


  • Printer front panel
  • Web browser using the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS)


  • 5 Mbytes RAM required
  • PCL 5e or PCL 5c