Add Licenses or New Server

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Please enter a valid computer name and pin# from a previous license registration. This information is available in the Help>>About menu option of your adaptio application.

Even if you are registering a license on a new computer, begin by entering an existing installation. This will allow us to identify you and make sure the licenses are attached to the appropriate customer.

You will be given the opportunity to register licenses for a new computer if necessary at a later time.

Computer Info

Where do I find the Computer Name? The Computer Name is found on the Help..About adaptio screen. Start the adaptio Management Utility, click on Help | About adaptio. The Computer Name will be listed there.

How do I find my adaptio PIN ? The adaptio PIN is the 6-digit NUMERIC value that you created during your initial registration. The PIN will is embedded within the adaptio license file and is displayed on the adaptio Help...About Screen.

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