HC-2220 PCoIP 2-Display Host Card


  • Standard PCIe Plug and Play
  • PCOIP Compatible
  • GPU Graphics Offload
  • Fully Encrypted Sessions (ASE-128/256 Ciphers)
  • 1920 x 1200 Quad Display (2 x miniDP)
  • 150 Million Pixels/Second and 60 Frames Per/Second
TERA2220 PCoIP remote acceleration cards can be added to any existing PC or workstation to enable field-proven high-end 1:1 sessions leveraging PCoIP protocol graphics and desktop performance. It’s the only hardware remote solution which allows high-end 3D applications with dedicated GPUs that is not available when using virtualized desktops.
If you are a 3D game artist, an animation modeling designer, movie editor, or mechanical engineer, your workstation graphics card must offer high levels of interactivity while enabling unprecedented performance, features and photo-realistic image quality. The PCoIP host card series is the only remote hardware solution that allows you continue using your current graphics card to deliver the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation graphics.
The new HC2220 PCoIP host board is a fan-less, reliable host-side PCI Express add-in card based on the proprietary Teradici® TERA2220 Host processor. 
Use with VMWare View and/or VMWare Broker to dynamically handle connection exchanges or just directly connect without a broker involved.
PCoIPTM technology is designed to deliver a user’s desktop from a centralized host PC with an immaculate, uncompromised end user experience across standard IP networks.


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